November 3, 2021 dconadmin

“The little critters and creatures from Miyo’s Mystic Musings are born from my dreams,
meditations and visions from other worlds. My wish is to share my world and my insights with
you. Hopefully they will brighten this reality we live in today, with a little quirkiness and fun while
still putting a smile on your face.” – Miyo Nakamura

Little Nessies Limited Edition Iridescent Figurines – Convention Exclusive!

Only 500 sets produced!

Right after a rainfall, when the air smells crisp and the sun starts peeking through the clouds,
look down at a freshly created puddle. If you see a rainbow reflected within the rippling waters,
close your eyes and make a wish. You might be surprised at what you get a glimpse of!
Rainbow dappled puddles are where shy but mischievous Nessies emerge to play, splashing
each other with their tiny flippers, and bathing in the sparkling light.
This exclusive limited edition iridescent set comes in 5 styles: Waves, Misty, Splash, Flow and a
bonus figure ‘Frost’ Nessie!
*Each blind box will comes with a bonus collect-a-part piece. Collect all 4 pieces to reveal the Exclusive
‘Frost’ bonus figure!
Little Nimbus Special Edition Figurines – Convention Exclusive!

Only 500 sets produced!

On moonless nights, nothing may be as magical or make your heart flutter as much as spotting
a shooting star. Some of these shooting stars fall amongst clustered storm clouds and this is
where baby nimbuses are born. When lightning streaks and thunder rolls, you might hear the
clippity-clop of little nimbus hooves.
Our convention exclusive Little Nimbus come in styles: Aurora, Dawn, Sunshine and Midnight.
These exclusive new babies were just born and need a safe haven to grow! Only 500 sets in this
rambunctious bunch. Won’t you adopt them today? Stop by booth 823 to pick up these
convention limited editions and meet the creator of Miyo’s Musings, Miyo Nakamura!


November 3, 2021 dconadmin

Exclusive Name: Brack (Party Purple)
Exclusive Details / Description: Brack’s back! After making his debut last year, he is returning in a new color exclusively sold in person at Designercon. Only thirty made of this resin figure. 


November 3, 2021 dconadmin
Future Me by Alex Pardee (Slime Edition)
It’s Future Me! This DesignerCon Exclusive comes in a clear green vinyl and may also have a hankering for hot dogs! The figure is 9″ tall and has 6 points of articulation. A designer toy with articulation? YUP! Can you dig it?
$150 each.
Mighty Maniax Space Punks 2-Figure Set
The newest in Glyos Action Figures bringing this Exclusive 2-figure set to DesignerCon! Each figure is 3″ tall and has 10 points of articulation. Like all Mighty Maniax figures, these have Officially Glyos Compatible joints and can take on whatever forms you build them into.
$40 Set
Mighty Maniax Bubblegum Voyager DX Figure
The Robo-Enforcer comes to DesignerCon as a deluxe Glyos compatible action figure. This Mighty Maniax figure comes with 4 different heads, 3 weapons, and a utility pack. Mix and match these parts with any other Mighty Maniax or Glyos compatible figures!
$30 each

November 3, 2021 dconadmin
Exclusive Names/Details:
#1.) “BONEHEAD” T-shirts with free vinyl sticker.
To celebrate the release of BeastWreck’s BONEHEAD vinyl toy from Strangecat Toys, get this exclusive t-shirt/sticker combo featuring BeastWreck’s original Bonehead art! Soft screenprinted on soft heather gray shirts!
#2.) “HOT DOG” Vinyl Stickers.
A retro-style hot dog design by BeastWreck. Coming soon to vinyl toys, but you can get the sticker now! Everyone loves a hot dog!
#3.) “SPONGEBART” Vinyl Stickers.
BeastWreck loves to make dumb things by smashing other things together. This is his latest, making its debut at Designer Con! “Two yellow cartoon characters? Smash ’em together!” Don’t have a sea cow, man!


November 3, 2021 dconadmin
Exclusive Name:Turntable Tarantule aka Skorpion Skratcher

Exclusive Details / Description:New Glow Vinyl with Exclusive Card Art.Limited to 5.


November 3, 2021 dconadmin
Exclusive Name: Uyu & Assteriskat – Moon Jelly
Exclusive Details / Description:
HEIGHT: 6.5 inches
EDITION: 200 pcs
A refreshing break and departure from her more weighty concerns that are caught up in her more observational and naturalistic yet playful works – it’s with UYU and Assteriskats that Soey Milk is able to let go of any self-consciousness of content or concept and run freely and rampantly in the playground.

Exclusive Name: Moonflower – Baby Blue

Exclusive Name: Ghostbear XL – Clear

Exclusive Name: The Broken Promise – After Dinner Mint


November 3, 2021 dconadmin
Exclusive Name:  J-ZINGER 3: SHOWTIME
Exclusive Details / Description: Artist KWESTONE has teamed up with INVASION TOYS to produce the J-Zinger 3 designer vinyl figure!  Based on artist’s illustration from 2018, this figure shows his love for iconic retro mecha anime, crossed with his obsession to the sneaker culture.  This is the 3rd colorway for this figure presented in Purple, Gold and Black and dubbed, “SHOWTIME” as an homage to the artist’s hometown of Los Angeles and favorite sports team! 


November 2, 2021 dconadmin
Exclusive Name: LE 4 Konpeito Soonay Bento Bundle
Exclusive Details / Description:
Hope you’re hungry for a very rare DesignerCon exclusive! There are only four of these bundles available and each comes with one LE 6 Konpeito Soonay figure. This resin run was cast with Japanese konpeito beads and there is also one chance to score a milky white chase. Each figure has been hand-cast by Extrubi Studios and hand-painted by me. Also included: one Soonay shot glass, one Soonay pen, a handmade mini Konpeito candle (made by yours truly!), a small packet of konpeito, and a free NFT. All of these items are nestled inside a convention exclusive white bento box (white bento boxes are LE 30 and only available in convention exclusive bundles).
Price: $200

Exclusive Name: LE 16 Thermal Soonay
Exclusive Details / Description:
This is an LE 16 glitter thermal Soonay that’s a light teal in normal temperatures and turns lavender in cold temps. Each figure has been hand-cast by Extrubi Studios and hand-painted by me. Every figure also comes with a free NFT and mini candle. There are three chances to pull a chase!
Price: $65

Exclusive 3: Limited Edition “Soonay Loves Anaheim” Variant Print
This DesignerCon exclusive “Soonay Loves Anaheim” art print variant will be hand numbered and signed (edition number TBA). Each print measures 5″x7″ and is giclée printed on archival metallic silver paper with archival inks by Pretty Good Printing.
Price: $20
Exclusive 4: LE 275 Blind Bag “Konpeito Soonay” Pins
There are only approximately 275 pieces of this limited edition pin mold with varying rarities of each color way! There are two hard enamel color ways, one soft enamel with glitter, one soft enamel with special purple plating and two soft enamel with glow in the dark enamel. Blind bags may also come with a chance to claim a free NFT! Six ultra rare raw pin protos will be lurking in this drop as well and will each come with a special proto NFT.
Price: $10 each
Exclusive 5: Gift with Purchase “Konpeito Soonay” Stickers

Each day of the con, you will have a chance to snag one of these FREE “Konpeito Soonay” 3″ Holographic or Vinyl stickers printed by Vinyl Disorder. Up to 30 stickers will be given out each day to the first customers who make a purchase at my table.
Price: FREE
• Friday: Purple Holographic
• Saturday: Light Pink Vinyl
• Sunday: Black Vinyl
To see my other exclusives and first releases, please visit:


November 2, 2021 dconadmin

Exclusive Name: Sad Panda – “I’m Feeling Blue” Colorway
Exclusive Details / Description:
New 4th colorway from the Sad Panda series! LE 150 worldwide, 50 available exclusively at Dcon. Brand new packaging with blister cardback.

Designed by 7Sketches
Produced by Strange Cat Toys + From the Heart
Sculpted by Oasim Karmieh

Exclusive Name: Send More Noods
Exclusive Details / Description:
2nd blind box series from 7Sketches, Hot Actor, Elusive Arts

Designs by 7Sketches, Hot Actor, Elusive Arts
Sculpt by Ded Hed Jed
Mold + Cast by Elusive Arts