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November 18-20

Heavy Cream



Heavy Cream
Exclusive Name: The Nugget (Preorder)
4 inch
Exclusive to 100
Stars and Bars Colorway
Exclusive Details / Description:
The Nugget vinyl art toy (4″) is  Josh Divine’s striking new design featuring a menacing chicken + tank hybrid. Divine’s concept was inspired, in part, by Warner Herzog’s quote about chickens which begins with: “Look into the eyes of a chicken and you will see real stupidity. It is a kind of bottomless stupidity, a fiendish stupidity…” A provocative, eye-catching commentary, Divine sees The Nugget as a symbol of “dangerous ignorance”. Heavy Cream is dropping the first colorway, Stars and Bars, as a preorder at 2022 DesignerCon. The Nugget is rolling to our warehouse now and will be ready to ship in Early January if not sooner.
Vendor Name: Heavy Cream
Booth Number: 701
Exclusive Name: Sugar Booger (Preorder)
7 inch
Exclusive to 100
Blue Raspberry Colorway
Exclusive Details / Description:
Just over twenty years after comics artist and painter Kevin Scalzo‘s Sugar Booger #1 8-page mini-comic introduced children of all ages to his adorable and fascinatingly gross character, Sugar Booger is set to come to life for old and new fans alike as an upcoming soft vinyl art toy (7″) from the newly launched Heavy Cream brand.The figure’s design offers a stylized vision of the original comic character humorously, yet quite accurately, described by Scalzo as “a big magical cartoon bear who makes candy boogers come out of his nose, to the delight of children everywhere.” Seemingly inspired by Scalzo’s 2008 painting created for The Blab! Show, the toy plays with Sugar Booger’s proportions to sweet effect.

The Sugar Booger sculpt embraces and exaggerates the round proportions of the original character. The cheerful pose focuses the attention on Sugar Booger’s ball-like body with its arms almost melting into the torso. The now tiny head and stubby legs complete the whimsical design.  Preorder for Blue Raspberry will open at Designercon 2022 at Heavy Cream’s booth, 701.

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