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Garrett Sander



Garrett Sander

Exclusive Name: Vampsyphone Prototype Edition Figure
Exclusive Details / Description:
Power Sucking Vampire Warrior

Vampire Powers: feeds off the energy of others to increase her strength and endurance.

Possessing the Crystal Heart Gravestone that allows her to siphon the powers of anyone near her and use for herself!

The Gravestone Guardians are the last hope as ghoulactic defenders of the Planet Monsteria, against the Evil Queen Infestatia and her Swarm Army!

Queen Infestatia has taken over much of the Ghoulverse. Turning the inhabitants of planet after planet into her mindless drones, adding them to her ever-growing ruthless Swarm!

Using the powers of the ancient Gravestones, can the Gravestone Guardians stop the evil invasion and save their Planet Monsteria, and the entire Ghoulverse?

Gravestone Guardians Monster Up!

Prototype Edition Vampsyphone is a limited edition of 13 figures, 3 being available at DesignerCon! Created and designed by Garrett Sander (Creator of Monster High) and expertly sculpted and artfully put together by Adam Osgood. She is a 3D printed 5.5” figure, hand crafted and hand painted, with real hair (pigtails), handmade softgoods (shoulder armor and skirt), weapon (that comes apart and fits into the hole on her back). She comes in a special coffin box package. This special edition also includes: certificate of authenticity, numbered and signed by both myself and Adam! She also includes a full signed set of all 7 Gravestone Guardians 6×9 prints, Coloring & Activity book, magnet, holofoil sticker, glitter logo sticker, regular sticker, and a button! 

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