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December 15-17

Centerpoint Studios



Centerpoint Studios

Vendor name: Centerpoint Studios
Booth number: 827
Exclusive name: Dark Side Apprentice Kit
Description: What imperial army is complete without the apprentice of the dark lord? With this build up kit designed to fit 1/12 scale action figures, you’ll be able to assemble your own dark side apprentice to do his master’s bidding! All armor and straps are printed in a rubber like resin for ultimate durability over time, and each piece is meticulously hand painted, down to the last detail.

Exclusive name: Bad Seafood (Squidhead Kit)
Description: Thats not the smell of day old fish… that’s the smell of Squidhead kits. And they’re coming this way! This kit is designed to fit any 1/12 scale action figure, and with it you can convert any action figure into a vicious Squidhead! Along with the head, the kit also includes not 1, not 2, but 3 pairs of interchangeable hands for the full conversion to Squidhead.

Exclusive name: Bounty Hunter Bucket
Description: Not happy with the mass produced action figure helmets some companies are releasing? We’ve got you covered! This helmet is designed to work with all 1/12 scale action figures, and is fully hollow, allowing it to slide right over the existing figure’s head. Each helmet was printed in a durable resin, and fully hand painted to ensure the maximum level of detail and accuracy to the source material.

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