November 11, 2021 dconadmin

Exclusive Name:

Funko POP! Avatar the Last Airbender TOPH Certified Signed Earth Edition 2021 Designer Con Exclusive
Exclusive Details / Description:

“You call it ‘dirt.’ I call it a healthy coating of earth.”

Who is the Greatest Earthbender in the world!?! Why it’s Toph Beifong; and don’t you dunderheads ever forget it! While it’s only right and fitting that Toph be immortalized as a Funko Pop, TOYZILLA felt it was just a bit too…clean.  To solve that problem we introduce to you Toph Earth Edition!!! The only POP with a healthy coating of EARTH!  And who better to artfully muddy up the earth bending master than Jessie Flower, the original voice of Toph who is also a talented designer!!!  Each figure will be uniquely hand-painted by none other than Jesse Flower live and in person at Designer Con 2021 at TOYZILLA booth 2041 during a live-stream on !!! No two figures will be the same! Each box will be signed and inscribed with paint marker on the window by Jessie, include a signed/numbered COA and a special Earth Edition sticker. Only 100 of these will ever be produced! Ever! While the figure will be painted, you will get some actual earth inside the box, carefully sealed in a small baggie! This is not random dirt but from the site of the original TOYZILLA store that was demolished in 2020.  Thankfully TOYZILLA is alive and well at its new home at 43 e. Main St #102 Alhambra CA.  To get this POP you will want to PRE-ORDER it from (select shipping or in-person pick-up). If it sells out, not to fear. We have set aside half to be sold in-person at the event to DCon attendees.


November 10, 2021 dconadmin

Exclusive Name: “Poor, Unfortunate Souls”
Exclusive Details / Description: 24×36 Holographic Serigraph [1 of 10]


November 10, 2021 dconadmin
Exclusive Name: Mars Attacks! Biggs Tiki x Geeki Tikis® (1st Edition)
Exclusive Details / Description:
Ack Ack Ack!  The Martian Trooper Geeki Tikis® mug is an uber-limited collaboration between Beeline Creative & Biggs Studio.  The officially-licensed TOPPS collectible was designed and handmade in the USA by Mike Biggs.
– DesignerCon EXCLUSIVE: Limited to 50pcs
– Price: $150.00


November 10, 2021 dconadmin
Exclusive Name: Junko Mizuno’s Pop Up Birthday Party Pop Card
Description: Brand new greeting card by Junko Mizuno debuting at DCON – each copy comes with a free sticker! 50 pcs available
Exclusive Name: Dalek’s Geo Loop Tunnel Book
Exclusive Details / Description: Limited edition laser cut tunnel book of Dalek’s Geo Loop. Includes an AR spacemonkey animation. Only 5 copies available at DCON


November 10, 2021 dconadmin
Exclusive Name: Battle Boko Bantam Resins
Exclusive Details / Description: 8 vibrant resin colorways of 4-inch of Boko the Destroyer and Ter’r the Conqueror. Each figure sold separately and comes in a printed frosty bag with a 4-inch vinyl sticker and double-sided black foil card. Two of each colorway will be available. $50 each.
Born Destroyer – Black, Yellow, and Orange Marble
Born Conqueror – Black, Blue, and Fuchsia Marble
Galaxia – Clear with Sparkles
Euphoria – Clear, Purple, and Pink Marble with Sparkles
Blue Bliss – Clear with Blue
Ambrosia – Clear, Fuchsia, Yellow and Orange Marble
Green Moon – Clear with Green
Pink Sky – Clear with Pink
Designs: Jupey Krusho
Casts: Extrubi Studios
Exclusive Name: Yum Yum Bag Bundle

Exclusive Details / Description:  Chose one 6-inch vinyl Yum Yum Chocobuns figure (Yellow, Hot Pink, Green, GID) and one Yum Yum Chocobuns crossbody bag (black, white). $50 each. 8 available.


November 10, 2021 dconadmin
Meditating Monkey Ninja Dcon Edition
This 3″ resin hand painted Monkey Ninja is ready to keep you calm and unleash your inner ninja. $65 each.

Skinner X Hyperactive Monkey Zom Sofubi

Hand painted sofubi figures of Skinner/Hyperactive Monkey collaborative sofubi. Made in Japan. $65 each.
Hyperactive Monkey Mini Figure Sofubi Set
A set of 4 made in Japan sofubi mini-figures of Hyperactive Monkey’s most favorite characters. $40 each set.
DJ Lance Rock You Are Awesome Limited Edition Print
8″ x 8″ Limited Edition print of 100. Printed on pearlescent 18pt paper stock.


November 10, 2021 dconadmin

Here is an EXCLUSIVE Soft Vinyl Toy I designed entirely. It’s an exclusive release for DesignerCon, I will only unleash it into the world at the end of the Convention…
Here it is
Darth Yayathon Man


November 10, 2021 dconadmin

Exclusive Name: Kitsura
Exclusive Details / Description:
Kitsura will be making her debut in a classic Inari Kitsune inspired color way, with each toy coming with a holographic, bikkuriman style sticker.
Made in Japan, limited to 30 pieces.