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December 15-17





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“The little critters and creatures from Miyo’s Mystic Musings are born from my dreams,
meditations and visions from other worlds. My wish is to share my world and my insights with
you. Hopefully they will brighten this reality we live in today, with a little quirkiness and fun while
still putting a smile on your face.” – Miyo Nakamura

Little Nessies Limited Edition Iridescent Figurines – Convention Exclusive!

Only 500 sets produced!

Right after a rainfall, when the air smells crisp and the sun starts peeking through the clouds,
look down at a freshly created puddle. If you see a rainbow reflected within the rippling waters,
close your eyes and make a wish. You might be surprised at what you get a glimpse of!
Rainbow dappled puddles are where shy but mischievous Nessies emerge to play, splashing
each other with their tiny flippers, and bathing in the sparkling light.
This exclusive limited edition iridescent set comes in 5 styles: Waves, Misty, Splash, Flow and a
bonus figure ‘Frost’ Nessie!
*Each blind box will comes with a bonus collect-a-part piece. Collect all 4 pieces to reveal the Exclusive
‘Frost’ bonus figure!
Little Nimbus Special Edition Figurines – Convention Exclusive!

Only 500 sets produced!

On moonless nights, nothing may be as magical or make your heart flutter as much as spotting
a shooting star. Some of these shooting stars fall amongst clustered storm clouds and this is
where baby nimbuses are born. When lightning streaks and thunder rolls, you might hear the
clippity-clop of little nimbus hooves.
Our convention exclusive Little Nimbus come in styles: Aurora, Dawn, Sunshine and Midnight.
These exclusive new babies were just born and need a safe haven to grow! Only 500 sets in this
rambunctious bunch. Won’t you adopt them today? Stop by booth 823 to pick up these
convention limited editions and meet the creator of Miyo’s Musings, Miyo Nakamura!

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