3 days / 500+ vendors

November 12-14

The Shag Store



The Shag Store

Booth 1622

The Shag Store (Booth 1622) is thrilled to mark this DesignerCon appearance with the debut of the following releases:

“The Most Dangerous Animal”
15 color serigraph print
Approximately 25.5” x 39” unframed
Approximately 32” x 45” framed
Edition of only 150
Hand signed and numbered by Shag
Officially licensed by Disney
Flawlessly capturing the eighth wonder of the world and beloved Disneyland ride The Jungle Cruise
© Disney


“The Fur Aficionado”
6 color serigraph print
Approximately 11.5” x 15.5” unframed
Approximately 18” x 21” framed
Edition of 200
Hand signed and numbered by Shag
The first in a series of four villainous villainesses that will be released in the coming months


“Enchanted Tiki Mask” collectible mask wall decoration
Box dimensions: Approximately 22” x 17” x 4”
Mask dimensions: Approximately  21” x 16” x 1”
Edition of 200
Designed for preferred hanging in the box or, alternatively, without the box
This is the fifth and final pop art wall hanging in Shag’s series of oversized masks

2021 Show Exclusives