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December 15-17

Rocom Toys



Rocom Toys

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Future Me by Alex Pardee (Slime Edition)
It’s Future Me! This DesignerCon Exclusive comes in a clear green vinyl and may also have a hankering for hot dogs! The figure is 9″ tall and has 6 points of articulation. A designer toy with articulation? YUP! Can you dig it?
$150 each.
Mighty Maniax Space Punks 2-Figure Set
The newest in Glyos Action Figures bringing this Exclusive 2-figure set to DesignerCon! Each figure is 3″ tall and has 10 points of articulation. Like all Mighty Maniax figures, these have Officially Glyos Compatible joints and can take on whatever forms you build them into.
$40 Set
Mighty Maniax Bubblegum Voyager DX Figure
The Robo-Enforcer comes to DesignerCon as a deluxe Glyos compatible action figure. This Mighty Maniax figure comes with 4 different heads, 3 weapons, and a utility pack. Mix and match these parts with any other Mighty Maniax or Glyos compatible figures!
$30 each
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