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November 12-14

Jupey Krusho



Jupey Krusho

Booth 245
Exclusive Name: Battle Boko Bantam Resins
Exclusive Details / Description: 8 vibrant resin colorways of 4-inch of Boko the Destroyer and Ter’r the Conqueror. Each figure sold separately and comes in a printed frosty bag with a 4-inch vinyl sticker and double-sided black foil card. Two of each colorway will be available. $50 each.
Born Destroyer – Black, Yellow, and Orange Marble
Born Conqueror – Black, Blue, and Fuchsia Marble
Galaxia – Clear with Sparkles
Euphoria – Clear, Purple, and Pink Marble with Sparkles
Blue Bliss – Clear with Blue
Ambrosia – Clear, Fuchsia, Yellow and Orange Marble
Green Moon – Clear with Green
Pink Sky – Clear with Pink
Designs: Jupey Krusho
Casts: Extrubi Studios
Exclusive Name: Yum Yum Bag Bundle

Exclusive Details / Description:  Chose one 6-inch vinyl Yum Yum Chocobuns figure (Yellow, Hot Pink, Green, GID) and one Yum Yum Chocobuns crossbody bag (black, white). $50 each. 8 available.

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