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November 18-20

HiKiKoMoRi Studio



HiKiKoMoRi Studio

Exclusive Name: BasKu’s Awakening – Light of Quaz Lamp
Exclusive Details / Description:

Light up the night! BasKu’s Awakening Light of Quaz Lamp is limited to 12 pieces and is an exclusive of DesignerCon22. The figure sits on a hand painted LED base and is cast in five pieces that are held together magnetically. Each is uniquely poured in two color fluorescent resin and can be configured as two characters: BasKu or Dokkaebi representing the young hero’s change into his master form. Each figure comes with a real quartz and tourmaline crystal staff that lights up with an internal battery powered LED. The LED base light is color changing and comes with wireless remote control for custom operations. The figure comes in a signed and numbered box printed with original illustration from Andy Piver. The box also contains an eight page booklet containing the story the figure is based on: Tales of the Great Fenumbo – Chapter Eight, BasKu’s Awakening and holographic sticker. $200

When all 12 are sold I will be raffling the original artwork for the box to one of the purchasers.


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